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Please read before booking

-DEC 7, 2022-


We've recently updated to a newer version of our booking software with some exciting new features that we wanted to take advantage of!


We ran into some pretty gnarly issues initially, & almost had to revert back, but the development team at Moe-go is truly unique & amazing! They worked with us extensively & even re-configured their software to fit our specific needs to get us up and running! Shout out to them for being so awesome!! 🥂🥳


This landing page is only temporary. We will begin a test phase to make sure everything is running smoothly. Many of the changes were on our end, but we wanted to make you aware of some significant changes that may affect you:

  • For the time being, once again, all appointments will need to be manually accepted. 

  • You will notice a new name as a choice for groomer. (You know how Kim's been joking for years how she needed to clone herself?) Well, we would like to introduce you to Lexi- Kim's oldest daughter.

  • For almost a year now, Lexi has been training under Kim & Kelly (She's even groomed many of your dogs, but you probably didn't even know!) She's now ready to take on her own clients, so we're making her available for scheduling! *Side note: The only grooms she's not completely comfortable with yet are highly detailed, breed specific cuts- such as a schnauzer or a standard poodle- but she's getting there. She definitely has her mothers gift.) 

  • One of our main goals was to stop taking appts on the half hour to avoid being interrupted every 30 mins for drop offs while trying to groom. 

  • So, appointments will now be made on the hour. -10, 11,12 etc. 

  • This means double booking for 2 small dogs is now a thing!  (eliminating the problem of no availability showing while trying to book 2 sm. dogs)

  • Medium & larger full grooms are set at 60 mins by default, so If you have 2 med or larger dogs, keep in mind it will look for two- 1 hour slots back to back, which can be tricky to find..
    If that's the case, and you dont see any earlier availability, you might try to book them individually, or with separate groomers. The way the new system has been set up, this process should be a breeze. 


  • As long as your pet profile is complete, only the services that apply to your dog will be selectable. No more scrolling through ALL the services!

  • If your pets profile happens to be missing key info, such as weight, unfortunately, you will still have to scroll through all the services, but they are working on a fix to have a pop up menu request the missing info while booking!
    In the meantime- If scrolling annoys you,  just add the weight to the note section while booking, & we can add it to your pets profile for you.


  • We are being told they are working on an app for clients to make it even easier to book! There is no release date set yet, but this is something exciting we look forward to. 

    Important upcoming price changes:

  • As of Jan 2023, we will be restructuring the way our services are priced. Most people will not be affected by this change. However, some clients will be seeing a price increase. 

  • I struggled with this decision for a long time. and ultimately decided, rather than raising ALL the prices across the board, the structure itself just needed an overhaul.

  • Prices should be determined by the individual job and amount of work involved, rather than by the default weight or service, This is how it was always set up within a range of prices, but with the limitations of software, there was no way to change that "default" price.
    Unfortunately, because of this, many dogs we would normally consider medium, have been locked in at the default sm. price for the simple reason that they were both "under 25lbs". This needs to be rectified. 


  • It makes absolutely no sense & is totally unfair to the client with the 6lb, perfectly behaved, well maintained yorkie, who tips well, & has a standing 6wk appointment, to be paying the same price as a naughty, 23lb, matted shih-tzu, whose owner is rude, they only book every 6 months, don't tip, and the dog takes 3 times the amount of time to finish!!!

  • Please, Please, Please give me 12 of those👆 glorious yorkies per day!! And that shih-tzu? Well his owner can either pay what the job is worth,  or kick rocks. (sorry- not sorry)

  • Prices will be determined by multiple factors, such as: frequency of visits, coat length and style, how well you've maintained the coat at home, matting, any health/medical conditions that may affect grooming and temperament. Add on charges are coming!

    The updated software will now allow for
    the saved price of each individual dog. So there will be no more guessing, no more "my dog is only 24lbs"...The groomer will set the price, not Patrick, not the client, and definitely not the computer!!

    Just a "quick" rant and I'll let you get on with booking:
    I really struggled with the pricing issue & was obsessing over how to implement it... afraid of losing people...and one of my longtime clients said to me, "You know what Kim? F em' you dont need to explain anything, you know what you're worth, you just need to charge for it!" and I started to cry lol
    I guess that's always been part of my problem-not knowing what I'm worth,  but having clients like her say things like that to me, humbles me.

    Groomers are probably one of the most under appreciated service providers out there, and its so unfortunate, because your dog is like a part of your family and you are putting them in our care. Most people have no idea just how tough & exhausting this job really is, both mentally & physically. If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, "you have the best job! you get to play with puppies all day" I'd be retired by now.  Don't get me wrong, It can be one of the most rewarding professions there is, and most days,  I truly love my job... but there are some days I wish I could be anywhere else, doing any other thing!

    I'm just glad the good days outweigh the bad ones. 

    6 years ago i had a herniated disc in my back, and was basically paralyzed for about a month, crawling on my hands and knees. I recently found out I have 5 bulging discs in my back and I am a candidate for spinal surgery. (which is not an option-unless I become completely useless)- so I am desperately trying to avoid that!  I may not know how much my skills are worth, but I do know what my life is worth, so that is really the only justification I need for "charging what I'm worth" . 

    I think the world events the past 2 years have taught us all a thing or two...
    Life is too short!! 

    And I've got a waiting list with over 100 names on it waiting to be brought on as a new client. 
    I'm sure there's a few of those glorious yorkies!

    I've been in this industry for over 30 years, grooming for 20. A majority of my clients have been with me since the very beginning... since before I even opened Spaw, when I was a newbie groomer & gave bad haircuts🤣 But they stuck with me because they liked me and they saw how i was with their dog. My skills grew as I watched their dogs (& kids) grow up... they referred their friends and family to me and helped my business to grow. Many of these people are like family now. Some are on their 3rd dog. We have laughed and cried together for close to 20 years. That's a long time to have a relationship & It's probably the main reason I have stuck it out this long. You are my bread & butter & I want you to know how much I appreciate you, and thank you for supporting me & my family, as we grow old together.💕


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