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**WE ARE A CAGE FREE SALON. If your dog is over 20 lbs and has ANY history of aggression with other dogs, we recommend you seek alternative accommodations, Spaw is likely not the right choice for your pet.  Thank you for understanding!

  • Your pets safety and well being is our top priority! Since we are a "cage free" facility, we need to gather as much information about your pet as we can, to ensure they have a pawsitive experience!

  • Please answer all questions to the best of your ability, unless they don't apply, in which case you can skip them. Some fields are required. Please be as forthcoming as possible with your answers. If you forget to mention something, no worries, you can always let us know at check in. We want to be sure we connect you with the right groomer and schedule your appointment at a date and time that works best for us all. 

  • Due to the high volume of new client requests we receive, It could take a few weeks until we can get you in.

  • If you make an appt for a later date, You can always request to be put on our wait list- if we get any cancellations before your scheduled appt, we can try and squeeze you in!

Dogs info:

(Please note that un-neutered males may be required to wear a belly band to prevent leg lifting. If your un-neutered male shows any signs of dominance towards the other dogs, they will likely be crated.)
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Behavior and Socialization

On a scale of 0-5 (zero being none and 5 being alot) How much social experience does your dog have with other dogs?

Psychological Behavior

Medical / Health



New York State law requires all dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies.  If your dog bites someone and they require medical attention, the law requires the attending doctor fill out a bite report. If your pet does not have a rabies certificate on file, or it is expired, be aware that he may be quarantined for up to 10 days. Please upload your rabies vaccination below so we can keep it on file. (Or bring it with you to your appointment)

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Bordetella (kennel cough)

It is highly recommended, but not required by law.  Therefore, we leave it up to you and your vet to discuss  what vaccinations your pet should get. We do however, reserve the right to refuse you for service if we feel your pet looks unhealthy and we may require written approval from your vet before grooming. 

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Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Does your dog have, or have they previously had any of the following conditions? 

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