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Updated: Feb 10

We just wanted to let everyone know that after struggling with the decision to remain open during this pandemic, we have ultimately decided it was in the best interest of our staff and clients to participate in the "social distancing" and close the shop, at least until the remainder of this month. 

As much as we would love to continue our daily routine, life right now is not the same as we know it. Since there is so much chaos and uncertainty surrounding us these days, we would like to take this time to stay at home, and be with our friends and family (especially our furry 4 legged family!) we encourage you all to do the same. 

We are hopeful that everyone we know and love will make it through this, and everything will turn out ok. 

As far as re-scheduling appts... we have temporarily turned off online booking and we are not putting anything down on paper until we know what's going on. We believe when the time comes, the best, most fair solution, would be to bump EVERYONE forward... meaning, if you had an appointment April 1, your appt would be moved X weeks forward. We do realize some cases will be more pressing than others, and some people will likely freak out that they scheduled their appt a month ago (we really hope that isn't the case considering we are ALL in this together right now) But since most of you are on a set schedule, it only makes sense to put those appts first, rather than move them forward a month. A week or two behind schedule won't be as bad as a month behind. We hope you understand our reasoning for this, and we will figure it all out when the time comes.

But in the meantime, while you're sitting at home wondering what to do with yourself? BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH!!! 

Stay strong. Be positive. Be hopeful. Be optimistic. It is more important than ever right now. Take a moment to say something encouraging to someone who needs it!

We shall prevail!!!

Love and light ♥️♥️

Kim & staff

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