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Covid-19 update May 26

Updated: Feb 10

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of your patience as we try and get through this scheduling nightmare!!

We have received literally HUNDREDS of emails, texts, and messages through social media. It's been a bit chaotic, to say the least, and as much as we would love to respond to each one of you directly, in all honesty, we just can't. We're just too overwhelmed.

There. I said it!! 😬

Kelly and I had a long talk the other night and we realized, due to the amount of dogs that were cancelled, the cut back of our days, and the incoming messages, at the rate we are going, we will never catch up!

So, we decided, starting this week, we will be joining forces (with our rockstar bather, Marleni) to add a few more days to both our schedules!! We feel that our tables are far enough apart that we can safely practice social distancing and squeeze some more of these doggies in.

For the time being, we are only scheduling on a WEEK TO WEEK basis, in hopes that we get the OK to open the floodgates. We don't want to book too far in advance, because once we get confirmation from the state, we will be able to book everyone at once. In the meantime, we will continue to prioritize by case, and work our way down our lists of cancelled appts.

**PRIORITIZING** We are finding that a majority of the messages we are receiving are from clients that DIDN'T have an existing appointment - meaning they are even further out, and in more desperate need of a haircut. These dogs have become matted, have overgrown nails, crusty eyes and dirty butts 😖 These dogs should be seen right away.

Your dogs health and well-being is the most important thing to us!! "Humanity over vanity" is a law that we live by. Leaving matted fur unattended for long periods of time can cause serious health problems and is an issue that needs to be addressed right away. Looking fabulous is awesome too, but that should always come secondary to your pets health. **Matted dogs are a priority**

A few of you have told us you were able to get grooming elsewhere, but you were disappointed with the cut. And, some of you even purchased clippers and gave your dog a haircut (or at least tried! 😂 ) We received lots of pictures and we laughed right along with you! We even thought it would be funny to create a collage of those home haircuts for the website so we can all get a good laugh! Lord knows we could use one! Its been some crazy times these past few months!

It was nice to hear from both parties that you now have a greater appreciation for what we do! 🥰 This means alot to us!

(And you see... this is why we smirk when people say, "you get to play with puppies all day!! It's not as easy as it looks, right?!) lol

But with that being said, we feel that **bad haircuts are not a priority** We know some of you will disagree, but if your dog is comfortable, mat free, and maybe just looks a little funny... if you are able to hold off for just a bit so we can tend to the ones in desperate need - it would take a great deal of pressure off of us!

In order to help us provide the fastest, fairest, and best service we possibly can, We have created a form so we can collect everything in one spot and prioritize by case.

(If you have already spoken to us and received an appt -please disregard)

Throw us a bone! Even if you already have, because we may have buried the other one and forgot where it was 😬

Again, Thank you all for being so awesome and we cant wait to see you and all our furry friends!!

Love and Light

Kim & Staff


If you have friends or family that are current clients but they don't follow social media, It would be really helpful if you could share this post with them too!

Link to this post https://www.spawpetsalon.com/post/covid19_update_526

Link to form https://www.spawpetsalon.com/covid

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