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Shutdown extended until May 15th

Updated: Feb 10

As you've probably already heard, Governor Cuomo has extended the shutdown until May 15th. So unfortunately, Spaw will continue to be closed until then. /cry

We have been inundated with emails this past week looking to make future appointments. Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor any of those appointment requests. It just doesn't make any sense to schedule anything until we get the OK from the state to open the doors. For all we know they could extend it again! (we hope this isn't the case -but ya never know!)

Also, just to reiterate, the clients that had existing appointments cancelled due to the shutdown will be getting priority...(special needs dogs and high maintenance will also be taken into account)

So, once we know whats going on, we will definitely let you all know too!


Just let it end already!

Well... In hindsight, I did say I needed a vacation (more than once)!!

Careful what you wish for right?!

But seriously, does anyone else feel like this entire month has been like a continuous groundhog day? I don't even know what day it is anymore. Up til 3 am, sleep til noon. I feel like a teenager again lol I think I've binge watched every Netflix series...Played every video game... Researched every conspiracy theory!! This lock-down better end soon- Before I start questioning my reality! Plus I'm running out of things to watch! lol

Hang in there this will be over soooooon!!! /pray

Love and light


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