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Yes, we hear you! No, we didn't forget about you!!

Updated: Feb 10

We have compiled a list of FAQ :

1. Are you open?

Yes. We are PARTIALLY open. Groomers will be alternating days (one groomer per day) with a limited pre-booked schedule, doing curbside pickup only. Front door will be locked. 

2. I keep calling and no one is answering-

Due to limited staff, we are unable to take phone calls at this time. We will be using our messaging software and/or Google voice/text to contact you for drop off and pick ups.

3. Why can't I book online? 

We thought it would be best to turn it off for now, while we try to prioritize appointment scheduling. Otherwise It would be like a lone sheep getting thrown into a pack of wolves! 

4. Are you taking new clients?

No.  We are not taking any new clients at this time while we work on re-scheduling cancelled appointments and prioritizing by case. 

5. Are you taking appointments for future dates?

No. At the moment we are scheduling on a week to week basis, In hopes that these circumstances change soon and we can open the flood gates. We are working on getting clients that had cancelled appts and dogs that are matted in first.

(Please understand that we had 3 full time groomers and 1 part time groomer fully booked for 2 months out. We are doing our best to prioritize and accommodate you as best as we can) 

6. My dog has become matted and I'm afraid to wait any longer. Should I groom him myself? 

If your dog ís matted, no. Please do not attempt to do it yourself because it can be extremely dangerous and we don't want anyone to get hurt.  **In these particular circumstances, we feel that matted dogs should take priority. Leaving dogs fur matted can cause a variety of unwanted skin and health problems. If you are a current client and your dog has become matted, Please contact us by email info@spawpetsalon.com or text 516-229-1755. Please send pictures so we can prioritize by case.** 

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