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Grooming Styles

Puppy cut

First, Lets get it straight... technically, there is no such thing as a puppy cut!!  If you don't believe us, try posting that question on a groomers message board  and see how they respond... It's actually quite humorous!


Oh wait... we did!!!!!! 


There were over 100 replies and they all said something different.


The truth of the matter is...there is only one true puppy cut and that is a poodle show cut, which is actually called a puppy cut... but we're pretty sure when you say you want a puppy don't mean this...




To avoid any more "puppy cut" confusion...we've simplified things. Spaw's definition of a "puppy cut" is:

 -the same length all over.

-You decide the length. 

Here are some examples of puppy cuts

by our definition

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This is a poodle show cut - actually called a "puppy cut" The true puppy cut. This includes shaved face and paws and a pom pom tail! 

Teddy Bear Clip

Our mom always asks us to groom her goldens and "make them look like a teddy bear." She likes them fluffy,  but manageable. So this is our definition of a teddy bear clip...which could also be considered a longer puppy cut. 


-Fluffy but manageable

-you decide the length

Here are some examples of a teddy bear clip:

Jazmine and Ruby in their Teddy Bear clip!

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Don't make him look like a poodle!!

You would be surprised how many customers come in with a poodle and say,

 "Don't make him look like a poodle!!" 

I'll never forget... years ago, when I was just starting out, a customer brought in a really fluffy poodle puppy... I asked him what kind of haircut he wanted...


He seemed undecided, so I started giving him options. Then I asked him if he wanted a "clean face and clean feet" and he said "YES!"

So I gave her a nice fluffy poodle cut with a clean face and clean feet. It took forever to get a nice perfect poodle head, but I did it.  She looked amazing, and I was so proud!!


So when he came to pick up a couple hours later, The look on his face was not one which I was expecting...


He had a look of sheer terror!!

"OMG my wife is gonna freak out!! Why did you shave his face? "

I was a little hurt and confused.... holding back tears... I responded, "I asked you if you wanted a clean face and clean feet and you said yes!"

​"I thought you meant WASH THEM!!!"

Lesson learned. 🤣

So when you say, "don't make him look like a poodle"... we get you! 


 Here are a few examples of poodle cuts: 

Clean Face Clean Feet
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