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Kim has worked in the pet industry for the past 30 years. One of her very first jobs was managing the local pet store in her hometown.

Fur, feathers or scales, you name it, she's had at least one!!


Her greatest strengths are her calm positive energy, her patience, and her unconditional love for animals. She treats each one as if they were her own, and you don't need anyone but the animals themselves to show you how much they all love her.


She has repeatedly been told she has the patience of a saint. Her co-workers call her "The Dog Whisperer" because she has the ability to calm even the feistiest of them all (and she has the video to prove it!!)


"Its all about trust",  she says. "Animals see and feel things that most people are oblivious to, such as energy. I am quite sensitive to this energy as well. If your intentions are true and pure, the animals instinctively know this, and they trust you. Its not rocket science,

Its just LOVE" Once you get past the trust issue, the rest is cake. 

Kim is available Thursday through Sunday


(Kim can also clip birds/parrots wings and nails, and cut nails on reptiles and small animals, as long as they are handle-able. Such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. Just call ahead to make a specialty appointment for these services.)


KIms pupfolio


Currently, all of the groomers that work at Spaw were originally taught by Kim.

Kelly and Aspen
Kelly, (Kim's sister) began her career with animals in a shelter teaching dog obedience...then moved on to study under a veterinarian to become a veterinary technician. She has an eye for the medical side and often notices underlying issues that may go unseen by the owner. She can offer a professional opinion and recommend a vet visit based on her experience working in a veterinary hospital for 10 years.
Grooming has been her passion since 2007. Every day is a new opportunity to spend time with the dogs that she loves, while providing the parents with exceptional customer service (and always a good laugh!)
"I can't imagine myself doing any other job for the rest of my life. I can honestly say I chose a job that I love and I will never have to work a day in my life!

Kelly is available Tuesday thru Saturday 


Kellys pupfolio:


Emilio started at the dog club in 2005 as Kims bather. At the time of his hire, he didn't speak English, and she didn't speak Spanish! But they worked so well together, it didn't even matter!! In that time, they learned each others language and Kim taught Emilio how to groom. He worked under her, as her assistant, for 8 years.

When she opened Spaw in 2013, his wife, Marleni came to Spaw full time, as our bather (and our MVP!!) and Emilio joined us a couple years later, but only part time. 

We are happy to announce that as of 2024, he has now joined us full time!

Emilio is available Wednesday thru Sunday


Lexi, (short for Alexis) is Kim's oldest daughter & protege.

She has been grooming since the beginning of 2022 under the guidance of Kim &  Kelly. 

She's even groomed many of your dogs, but you probably didn't even know! She definitely has her mothers gift. 

Lexi is available Wed thru Sat from 11-3

Lexi's pupfolio:

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