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What is Matting?


Matting starts at the skin and works its way toward the outer coat.  The only way to prevent matting is to thoroughly COMB (not just brush) each section of the coat from the skin out on a regular basis, especially areas that have a lot of friction, such as the legs, under the arms, behind the ears… and don’t forget the beard!

To inexperienced brushers, the top of the coat may appear to be healthy and fluffy, but the coat next to the skin may become matted. And if you give your pup a bath with his coat in this condition..especially if he is not properly dried, its just a disaster waiting to happen.  the mats will "felt" , and spread and become impossible to comb through.


Leaving mats unattended to for long periods of time can cause irritation to the skin,  and in severe cases, can even cause medical problems. When matting gets this severe, the only humane way to deal with the problem is to clip under the mats, and if the matting is against the skin, it may require a complete shave down.


One of the things we hear the most often from new clients is,  "The last groomer we went to shaved him down completely!! He was traumatized!!" We don't know who was traumatized more, the dog or the human. :o

Trust us when we say we really don't WANT to shave your dog.  Shaving a matted dog is not fun. It can be very time consuming because you have to go really slow with a sharp blade to get under the mats. It can be really dangerous if the matting is severe, especially if the dog does not sit still. There is also a higher risk of your dog getting cut or clipper burned.   This can be a very traumatizing and painful experience for your dog, (and your groomer!!) especially if it is a puppy and his first time being groomed.


With that said, please be assured that at Spaw, your dog will never be completely shaved without consent from you. When you come in for grooming we always give a brief consultation. If your dog needs to be shaved, chances are , you will know before you leave the building. If we think we may be able to get the matting out, we will let you leave to do our magic...but if we can't do it,  we will always call you and let you know first before shaving or taking the coat shorter. We don't do surprises!


These are examples of severe matting called "felting". De-matting at this point is NOT AN OPTION!!.