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 Hydrosurge Bathing System

" How do you get him so clean? I wash him in the sink and he never comes out as good!"

That's a question we hear all the time! Well, we'll let you in on a little secret! The key to a great grooming is all about the bath...and we have the best bathing system!!

We are proud to present the revolutionary Hydrosurge Massaging Bathing System, which combines fresh water, shampoo and pure air for the ultimate Spaw experience!


Invigorating spray stimulates blood flow, with oxygen infused massaging action that keeps your pet calm and relaxed throughout the bathing process. Exclusive InjectAir™ technology thoroughly penetrates even the thickest of coats, drawing  oxygen to the skin, washing away dirt and debris, removing loose hair, dead skin and dander, leaving the animal cleaner and healthier than before! 


click the above image to see the hydrosurge in action!


We use only the highest quality products made from the finest, naturally derived ingredients. All of our shampoos and facial scrubs are formulated for specific skin and coat conditions, and are PH balanced so they won't burn the eyes. They come in a wide range of luxurious scents including, but not limited to, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Citrus, Pear, Tangerine, Apple and Mint. 

We will assess your dogs skin and coat prior to his bath and use what we feel is necessary. All dogs are shampooed  twice. Once with a hypo allergenic, general purpose shampoo to remove dirt and grime. And then a second time with a shampoo specific to his skin and coat. 

We don't charge extra for specialty shampoos or conditioners.


If he needs it, he gets it at SPAW! 


All dogs are hand dried using either high or low velocity dryers, or stand dryers, depending on coat, age, and temperament.  We often use the "happy hoodie" for dogs that find the drying process uncomfortable. This seems to help tremendously.

There are some dogs that just do not tolerate the dryer, or have medical problems, in which case they will be put in  a crate with a fan or blower.

(and we do mean literally a crate with a fan or blower that just circulates air. There is no heat element.)


**We do not use the cage dryers that you read awful things about in the news. We believe that they are dangerous.

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