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 Policies, Guidelines & FAQ 2024

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions & a list of our policies & guidelines. We expect ALL clients to know, understand, & abide by these rules! You will be required to sign a digital version of this form at booking time.

💥Let it be known, we have implemented a ZERO tolerance policy for repeat offenders & rule breakers.

Life's too short to continually endure abuse & stress from disrespectful people, so we will no longer hesitate severing ties! 💥

  • Contacting us:

  • You can reach us by phone Wednesday through Sunday between the hours of 10am and 4pm  (unless we leave early for the day, or we are shorthanded)

  • We are closed Monday & Occasionally Tuesday
    (If Kelly works Tues, she is by herself & can't always get to the phone)


  • Due to the high volume of calls we receive:

  • We do not have call waiting- Its hard enough hearing the person on the other end of the phone with dogs barking & dryers running, but adding beeps to the mix wasn’t working.

  • We do not have voicemail – we tried VM but even after saying, “please don’t leave a message”, we came in to 30 messages a day & it was impossible to keep up. 

  • Your pet’s safety is our top priority... so if you are calling at the above specified time and we don't answer right away, it's likely because we have our hands full. You can wait a few minutes and try back again, or text us at the number below.

  • Text us during the day or early evening: 516-229-1755

  • SMS/Text messages get sent directly to the shops PC, and both Kelly & Kim’s cell phones through google voice. You don’t need a special app to send it- just send a normal text. We will respond as soon as possible. If you don’t hear back immediately, send a follow up text. (Sometimes we get distracted mid-reply)

  • If you absolutely need to leave a message, you can do so at that same google voice number above. Just note that it will go directly to voicemail, and we will receive a transcript of your message.

  • Appointment scheduling  
    Appointments are scheduled on the hour. Please allow 2-4 hours for most appointments. If you have a deadline to make, please notify us at drop-off so we can do our best to accommodate you.


  • Drop offs
    Since we work by appointment, we expect you to arrive at the time your appointment was scheduled. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, without contacting us, you may need to reschedule. This throws a wrench in our schedule. If we decide to take you, your appt will likely get bumped to the last appt of the day.


  • Pick ups
    Pick ups are expected 👉within an hour👈 of being contacted. Although it may be fun for your dog, we get very busy as the day progresses... and since we're cage free, it can be a bit chaotic if too many dogs are hanging out waiting to be picked up. If you've got stuff to do and need a later pickup, typically it's not a problem, (as long as your dog is well behaved) Just let us know at drop off!! If you leave your dog all day without confirming at drop off, you may be charged a fee for daycare.


  • Late pickup fee
    Please note that we do not have set closing hours... We leave when we're done, and the last dog picks up. If we have to wait an exceptionally long time for you to pick up your dog after we are done for the day, you will be charged an additional fee of $40+ for daycare, unless previous arrangements were made. 


  • Guarantee
    We take great pride in our work and make our best effort to interpret the grooming instructions given. All grooming is guaranteed for 48 hours. Anything that is brought to our attention, (within reason) in that time frame will be fixed free of charge. After 48 hours, any work done may be charged an additional groom price. (Especially if the dog has gotten dirty.)


  • Groomers

  • Please note that there are 4 groomers on staff, and we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

  • If you were unhappy with your service for any reason, don’t be afraid to ask for someone new. We don't get hurt feelings!

  • If you prefer a certain groomer, YOU MUST SPECIFY when booking, otherwise the next available groomer may be assigned. Don't assume we will always remember! Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances (such as bites, injury, difficult dogs and/or time constraints), schedules/groomers may be subject to change without notice. And sometimes...your dog just might pick his own groomer!!

  • Bathing
    Unless there is a medical reason (and previous arrangements have been made) All dogs that come in for grooming will be bathed.


  • Prices
    Grooming prices are not set in stone and will vary depending on multiple factors... including, but not limited to; Frequency of visits, coat length and style, how well you've maintained the coat at home, matting, undercoat removal, any health/medical conditions and temperament. If any of these factors affect finishing time, you will be charged accordingly.


  • Matting
    Neglect of the pets skin and coat (dirt, matting, fleas) can cause problems after grooming, such as irritation or rash. Spaw Pet Salon is not responsible for any reaction your pet may have if not exposed to regular grooming. We have composed a separate information sheet on matting. You may also be asked to sign an additional release form at check in, if your pet has severe matting & needs to be shaved.


  • Waiting
    As long as previous arrangements have been made, we don't mind if you sit quietly in our waiting room, but interference with the grooming process will not be tolerated. Serious injury could occur, not only to your pet, but to others as well. If you call out to your pet or hang over the gate while he is being groomed, you may be asked to leave.

  • We typically don't encourage waiting. It adds extra pressure on the groomer and can make the grooming process more difficult. Calm positive energy is essential while grooming, and that need is amplified, especially when dealing with anxious dogs (or humans). Dogs are very sensitive to this energy!

  • We prefer to take our time so we can form a bond with your pet and show him that he can trust us. We recommend you observe for a few minutes until you feel comfortable, and then let us work our magic. We can typically get it done faster without the distraction.  Go grab a bite to eat, or a coffee and we will call you as soon as he is done.  You can rest assured that he is in good hands. Should a problem arise, we will notify you right away.

  • Showing up before we call you

  • We ask that once you leave, you kindly refrain from calling or stopping back in several times to check in during the grooming process. It is neither helpful or necessary and may cause us to feel pressured! -Remember, dogs feed off our energy.

  • We typically can give an estimated finish time window at drop off, but THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN DOG GROOMING!! We never know what the day will bring! So, If you walk through the door mid-groom, and your dog sees you, It may be impossible to finish the groom!! We use sharp tools, and we don't want to risk taking out an eye!

  • If we didn’t call you for pickup or you weren’t given an exact pickup time- please make sure we are done before entering the building. (Unless you know for certain it's ok)

  • Express Appointments
    Express appointments are available by request, first thing in the morning only. (First in, first out) If we need to block off an additional appointment slot to accommodate you, you may be charged for that time. Express appointments are recommended for elderly dogs, dogs with medical problems, or dogs with severe behavior issues. In these special cases, we sometimes prefer that you hang around!


  • ⭐Leash policy⭐

  • For the safety and comfort of the clients of neighboring businesses, our other clients, and your pet, please have him on a leash, in a carrier, or in your arms at all times when entering or exiting the salon.

  • If you forget your leash, ask us for a loaner. Even if your dog is "well trained", you never know how another dog will react. Please don't take any chances. Post Ave is very busy, and we would be devastated if anything happened to your pet.

  • ⭐Cage Free⭐

  • Just because we are "cage free" does not mean it's OK to remove the leash as soon as you enter the building!! We have extra safety measures in place in the grooming and bathing areas only. These areas are designated for off leash. This does not include the front of the shop! We have a gated corral which we use as an introduction area. Once your pup is safely inside, only then is it OK to remove the leash. Please don't excuse this and say," he won't go anywhere."  Everyone says that! This is not always the case!  It stresses us out and we kindly ask that you please refrain from doing it!

  • Personal property (leashes, collars, serestos, and accessories)

  • We have no problem hanging onto your pets accessories while they are here, but please note: you are doing so AT YOUR OWN RISK! Especially if there are no identifying tags. We are not responsible for lost, damaged or forgotten items!

  • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ALONE to remember what items your pet came with and to take them home with you at pick up.

  • We have a lost and found box loaded with leashes, collars and sweaters that have been left behind.

  • If you don't want to risk it being forgotten…TAKE IT WITH YOU!!

  • Cancellation Policy

  • Since we work by appointment, we appreciate notice by end of business day prior to appointment day. This enables us to fill your appointment time. We understand emergencies happen and while last minute cancellations are a part of life... we expect them to be uncommon!

  • There are several ways to contact us if you need to cancel or change an appointment:
    ☎️By Phone Wed thru sun between the hours of 10 am-4pm 516-280-8330 
    📱 By SMS: Any time 516-229-1755   
    🐶Through our grooming software (just respond to the appt text)


  • No Show Policy 

  • If you have a habit of forgetting appointments, no worries! Our software automatically sends 2 reminder texts and/or emails for you! A week prior, and again, a day before your appt.

  • Most groomers work on commission, so if you don't show up for your scheduled appointment, they don't get paid.

  • If you "No Show" without contacting us, we may require a 50% deposit to book your next appointment. If it happens again, we may require grooming be paid in full at booking. 3rd strike: We have the right to refuse you for service.

  • Potty Policy
    Please make your best effort to potty your pets before they come to their appointment. Even if it's raining or snowing outside! (That's when we see the most accidents) If your dog has an accident on the sidewalk and you're not prepared... No worries! We've got you covered! Please have the courtesy to ask for supplies to clean it up, (we have a poop bag dispenser and wipes on the wall as you enter the building) We like our neighbors, and we want them to like us too!


  • Payment
    Payment is expected at time of service. We accept cash, credit or debit, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Paypal.


  • Photography and video
    We reserve the right to photograph/video your pet for use in promotional material.

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