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Madra Mor Mud

Helps to remove impurities, exfoliate the skin and rebuild the coat

  • 10 min
  • 15*
  • 146 post ave

Service Description

Typically you would want to prevent your dog from rolling in the mud, right? Well, have you ever stopped to wonder why he does it? Animals instinctively seek mud to relieve their aliments. Mud is naturally absorbent, soothes dry itchy skin, has cooling properties to relieve achy muscles and joints, exfoliates pores, detoxifies and heals. Mud therapy treatments help to restore and rejuvenate the skin and coat; enhancing circulation and boosting nutrients. Mobility Mud- for older dogs, itchy dogs or dogs with arthritis- Infused with peppermint and menthol for penetrating pain relief. Cold therapy to ease minor aches, instantly stop itching and promote healthy circulation. Soothing Mud- for dogs with anxiety or problem skin- Mineral rich clay Infused with high concentrations of colloidal oatmeal, Lavender, Aloe, German Chamomile, Green Tea, and Witch Hazel. Calms and comforts. Promotes healthy cell regeneration, eases hot spots and rejuvenates the essential lipid barrier. Fortifying Mud- for allergies, yeast infections & fleas- Made with Diatomaceous Earth, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Horsetail Extract, Nettle Extract, and Marshmallow Extract. Anti Microbial and Anti fungal, Ideal treatment for dogs with allergies....especially yeast. Also kills fleas and soothes flea bites. Shed Safely Mud- to aid in removal of undercoat- Infused with Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, Bilberry, Sugar Cane & Sugar Maple Extract. Rejuvenates skin and coat, Treats clogged hair follicles, helping to release undercoat. Prevents excessive shedding. ​

Contact Details

  • 146 post ave, westbury, NY 11590, USA

    + 1 5162808330

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