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Emmipet Ultrasonic Dental Treatment

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We are so excited to introduce the EMMI®-PET Ultrasonic Dental Treatment!!

Previously only available in Germany and the UK, Spaw is the first grooming shop on the east coast to offer this service! EMMI®-PET has been on our radar for a couple years now, so we jumped at the chance to be able to offer this service to you!

(*Please note -This service is available for existing clients-by appointment only!*)

What is it?

EMMI®-PET is an ultrasonic toothbrush, featuring a brush head with patented piezo chip technology that works in conjunction with their ultrasonic toothpaste. Ultrasound reaches deep below the gum line removing plaque and tarter, killing germs and bacteria, and cleaning the teeth, gums, palate and tongue in the most effective way!

Adding ultrasonic tooth cleaning as part of your regularly scheduled grooming routine, you can avoid visits to the Vet for professional cleanings (which cost hundreds of dollars and can only be achieved under anesthesia.) This may come as a relief to senior pet owners!

How it works:

Each dog is given their very own toothbrush head. The soft bristles are held against the teeth/gums allowing the ultrasonic toothpaste to do its thing. The ultrasound generates up to 96 million ultrasonic waves (Air Vibrations) per minute. Once combined with the toothpaste and water, they "implode" forming millions of fine micro-bubbles... penetrating even the smallest gaps! Helps remove impurities such as; plaque, tarter and food particles.

Through the Ultrasonic movement, the impurities are transported to the outside, cleaning the teeth optimally and thoroughly. Ultrasound also helps increase blood flow to the gums to heal wounds and stop bleeding.

Effectively combats:

Bad breath

Plaque and tartar build up

Gingivitis and periodontitis

Oral cavity diseases

And the best part is- it's completely motionless and vibration FREE! So it doesn't freak them out!

Pricing: Starting 2/1/2021

Initial treatment $40 - Includes your pets very own brush head with Patented piezo chip technology.

Each additional treatment $15

Replacement brush head $15

Orozyme® dental gel $20 (for use at home in between treatments)

First treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the severity, so it needs to be scheduled. Immediate visible results may not necessarily be achieved... Although this has not been the case for us! We took before and after photos and the results speak for themselves!

For severe plaque and tarter, weekly treatments are recommended at first, then can be decreased to monthly, or bi monthly (depending on your grooming schedule)

If severe tooth decay or loose teeth are present, we may recommend a professional treatment at your vet for tooth extraction first, and then we can do follow up treatments.

We saw tons of photos from other people, but we wanted to post our own! The following are before and after photos of 2 of our clients.

** Please note that this service is available for existing grooming clients -by appointment only.

Riley had a 30 minute treatment. I was amazed. Her mom was delighted! Results from Riley's second treatment:

Taylors mom was on her way, so I only had a bout 15 mins. I honestly wasn't expecting to notice a difference, but I was pleasantly surprised! You can actually see the plaque and tarter had started to lift a bit.

So this is Taylor after her 4th treatment! AMAZING!!!

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